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  • Rock Solid has been our Software Partner since 2007. During that time we have worked very closely with Adam and his team and have enjoyed the 'personal touch' that comes with RSIS. The RSIS software has been a major driving force in the success of InXpress and has been one of the main reasons for our growth. Our customers love it! Our franchisees love it! It's been developed to meet the growing and changing needs of our business and that of our customers. RSIS actually 'listens' to us as a partner/customer and uses that information to develop their strategy to meet our needs and those of our customers.

    - John Thompson, Group CEO, InXpress Global Ltd.

  • Rock Solid's software and website maintenance over the past 4 years has been the driving force behind our company's success and growth. Their developers are continuously upgrading the system to make it more user friendly for us as well as our customers. Their technology allows us to have full visibility and control over our customers' rates and shipping options, and we are easily able to fine-tune either at the click of a button and without the customer being affected. In such a dynamic industry, this has saved our company on numerous occasions, and we would honestly not be where we are today without Rock Solid.

    - Eric Pugh, President, Elite Logistics

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    - John Stevens

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